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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm  not a size 2. Is Boudoir Photography right for me?

A. Your size does not matter at all. In our experience, we have photographed all sizes of women. We highlight your best features, while minimizing any area of concern.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Most of our clients bring in at least 2 outfits. Some form of lingerie, but everyday items can be played up in fun ways also. A few of the things that always work well are: 

Simple bra and panty sets: Very versatile and faltering on most everyone, especially with the right poses.

Everyday items: Slouchy sweater, a big fun colorful scarf, pretty robes, a sassy dress, that may be to sassy for everyday but perfect for this, really customize your session.

Corsets: These are natural figure enhancers and are very popular!

Nighties: Can be revealing or modest. Helps to disguise a mid-section, if you want to.

Thigh-high Hosiery: Super sexy, with or without garters.

Heels: They really do finish off the look, but not necessary. 

A man's shirt/ button up: With or without a tie, this is super popular.

Sport's jerseys: These are fun and you can "Rock" your favorite team.

If you aren't sure what to wear bring extra stuff and we can help you decide.

We can also mix and match, parts and pieces, for more looks.

Q. What if I don't want to show a lot of skin? Is Boudoir Photography right for me. 

A. You can be as modest or as provocative as you like, in your Boudoir Pictures. the idea is to show a sexy or sensual side of YOU...which means that the images should reflect your style and personality. It's great to step outside of your comfort zone a bit, but you set the limits on how you want to be portrayed in your Boudoir Images.

Q. I have "problem areas" that I am concerned about.

A. We so often hear women say that they want to "lose 10 more pounds before my Boudoir Session". It might be hard to believe, but that is completely unnecessary. We are masters at adjusting a pose to accommodate your figure. Rest assured that no matter what your "problem area" is we can give you results that will thrill you.

 Many "body issues" can be disguised with flattering lighting and posing, anything else can be rectified with digital retouching. Cellulite, stretchmarks, lumps and bumps vanish like magic. You will love it!

We also pride ourselves in keeping our retouching natural. Think of it this way we make you look the way your special person see you. You, but the magazine version of you.